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Welcome to Orange County Coder!

We are a group of high school students dedicated to serving the Orange County community using our programming skills. We provide free coding lessons, develop service-learning applications, and promote the need to develop computational thinking skills in classrooms.
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Orange County Coder is holding many different events and classes in March. Check them out!
OC Coder is hosting its 4th annual Hour of Code in December in two locations! For more Information click the link above.
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OC Coder's Third Annual Hour of Code

On December 5th, OC Coder participated for the third consecutive year as one of the event locations for Hour of Code, a global movement dedicated to introducing computer science and programming to the next generation. Students were only given one hour to code but left class with a lifetime skill. Over 115 students from 3-8th grades, taught and guided by 17 OC Coder volunteers, participated in the Hour of Code event. Languages taught included Scratch, Python, Javascript, Java, and Web Development.
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  • Scratch, Washington Elementary +

    "I learned that coding can be hard in the beginning, but if you keep trying, you will get it. See, my maze game works!"
    - 4th grader

    "My favorite game is the Ping Pong game." - 4th grader

    "I liked how my cat can chase the mouse around." - 4th grader
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