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  • Scratch classes teach 4-6th graders the basics of programming by simplifying code into blocks. Students can make various interactive games in our four-level classes.

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  • Volunteers visit local senior centers weekly to help seniors with newly developed technology that they are not yet familiar with.

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Welcome to Orange County Coder!

We are a group of high school students dedicated to serving the Orange County community using our programming skills. We provide free coding lessons, develop service-learning applications, and promote the need to develop computational thinking skills in classrooms.
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November Speaker Series 2016
Our first speaker series event is on November 26, 10am-12pm! Nalini Venkatasubramanian, Professor of Computer Science at UCI, will be talking about career paths in computer science and skills needed for majoring in computer science. This event is targeted for high school students (Grades 9-12) and their parents. Registration will open soon!
Hour of Code 2016
Our Annual Hour of Code Event will be held on December 10, 2016 from 10am-12pm. More details will be released later and registration will open in late November.
October Classes and Events
The Fall Hackathon, on October 23rd from 10-12 PM, targets for elementary school students who have previously taken Scratch with OC Coder. Our second Girls Who Code Club has begun, as well as the October Scratch Session. USACO classes will be held on the first and third Saturday of October. Please check each department tab for more information.
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OC Coder's Second Annual Hour of Code

On December 7th, the beginning of the national Computer Science Education Week, OC Coder hosted its second annual Hour of Code. Classrooms were decorated with motivational quotes from President Barack Obama and many influential tech CEOs. There were two sessions this year, with the first session teaching languages including Scratch, Python, Java, Blockly, and Lightbot. The second session helped with AP Computer Science, and also taught Scratch, JavaScript, Python, and Swift.
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  • Scratch, Arnold Elementary +

    "It was awesome. My friends and I will keep doing this at home. If you have more classes, I will go to them."
    - Evan, 6th grade

    "Scratch is super fun to do, I would recommend it. It is fun to make games however you want. I like Scratch."
    - Aiden, 5th grade
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