Written by Matthew Tang

Fifteen middle schoolers from four local cities gathered to partake in a series of JavaScript classes, with the first being on Sept. 9.

After a summer session pilot test, the JavaScript club was ready to go for the school year. The class was conceptualized to teach middle schoolers an advanced, yet practical coding language. The September class registration filled up in two minutes.

“There is a very high demand for our JavaScript classes,” Director of JavaScript Club Edward Jin said. “It’s great that we can host weekly JavaScript classes to reach as many members of the community as possible.”

The JavaScript curriculum was created under Jin as a four class series, with each week building on skills developed in previous classes. Students begin with little or no programming experience, learning variable declaration, simple i/o commands and if/else statements.

Students use an online JavaScript compiler called JSbin to run their code. By the end of the first class, students created a fully functional interactive calculator and learned how to generate random numbers.

“There’s lots of varying functions such as console.log and prompt that make this class interesting,” David Yeung said.

The response from the students was overwhelmingly positive.

“Learning new concepts and languages is really fun,” Ronit Mathur said.

Beyond the classroom, students found applications for their newfound skills.

“Programming helps me with homework, research, and games,” Matthew Yeung said.

Through the four weeks, students will learn more advanced concepts such as arrays, functions and objects. A few practice problems are assigned as home exercises to further improve their coding skills and build on techniques learned in class. By the end of the course, students will be able to solve USACO bronze level problems.

JavaScript sessions will continue each month throughout the school year.

To learn more about JavaScript sessions, please visit their website here.


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