Throughout the 2016-17 year, OC Coder had a very productive year, expanding and improving upon existing programs. We have taught hundreds of students across Southern California, accumulating over 1,000 service hours with more than 100 student volunteers. 

Junior Coding Club

Our goal for 2016-2017 was to enhance the multi-level curriculum to challenge students outside of the classsroom setting to make classtime more efficient. We implemented weekly home exercises, a set of 5 problems to expand upon concepts learned during class and improve debugging skills. Mini-hackathon projects were consequently more complex and impressive this year. With the lesson plan set, the assistant directors and other volunteers were able to rotate teaching these classes. The teachers did a great job teaching and maintained consistent instruction throughout the year.

Girls Who Code

In addition to our first GWC club started under Mr. Foote, we started a second club with Ms. Shaw as the instructor. Girls learned how to use Javascript for website design, PHP for a comment section, and Python for building games. For their final project, the girls collaboratively created a website to analyze an indvidual's self confidence. The girls even took a field trip to Blizzard entertainment to learn more about the applications of programming in the industry.

USACO Department 

      Our USACO classes were held twice a month, talking about concepts and building problems relative to USACO. Students learned about various concepts like Dijkstra’s algorithm, binary search, and dynamic programming. rch, and dynamic programming. Despite the difficulty level, we are very excited to see first-time participants successfully advanced to the Silver and Gold divisions.

Senior Center Department

A major accomplishment for our Senior Center program was our expansion to the Trabuco Senior Center. Over 30 volunteers helped out at the Lakeview and Trabuco Senior Center, completing over 300 hours this year. The seniors enjoy working with our volunteers to learn more about their phones, tablets, and computers.

Special Events

We hosted 3 major events this year including 2 hackathons and our annual Hour of Code event.  After having several weekly planning meetings with 20 volunteers, our 3rd annual Hour of Code successfully served over 110 students. Some of this year’s events included Scratch, Java, Javascript, and Web Development.