Programming, messy food and smiles filled the scenes surrounding the Orange County (OC) Coder booths for the second annual Math for Service (MFS) STEAM in the Park at Bill Barber Park on Saturday.

One of the main activities hosted by OC Coder was the Rainbow Cup Sort, led by Beckman High School junior Edward Jin. In this activity, there are three stations, each with their own algorithm to sort the cups. First, the participant uses their own algorithm to sort the cups. After, the participant uses the stations established algorithm, explaining each step, and then determins which algorithm is more efficient, their own or the one established for the station.

The purpose of this activity, was to have kids create their own algorithm to accomplish a goal, and to learn about efficiency and how that is very useful in a program.

Another activity hosted by OC Coder was the Punch Your Own Card activity. In this acticity, the participants used hole punches to punch out their names. On the back side of their punch card, their were interesting facts about punchcards which briefly explained punchcards' historical revevance to modern programming

The last booth hosted by OC Coder was a Real Life Programming activity, in which kids programmed instructions for chess pieces to move to a certain spot on the chess board.

Real Life Programming