scratch in schools

Our Scratch in Schools Outreach Program was started in 2015 in order to reach out to local schools and organizations to expand to more elementary school students (4th - 6th grades). Within this short period of time, we have taught over 400 students at seven local schools in Orange County and are still continuing to expand.

  • Results of the survey that students took after class:
    • 91% of the students didn't learn Scratch before our class
    • 100% of the students liked the class
    • 100% of the students said that they wanted to learn more of Scratch in the future
    • 100% of the students said that they would recommend our class to their friends
  • Below are some of their comments:
    • "It was awesome. My friends and I will keep doing this at home. If you have more classes, I will go to them."
    • "Scratch is super fun to do ... It is fun to make games how ever you want. I like Scratch."
    • "I like Scratch because it involves creativity and programming."
    • "People should be inspired because Scratch [is] so fun. They can make their own game and learn how to use that knowledge for making their own company of technolgy and video games."

If you are interested in having us come to your school or organization to teach Scratch*, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

* Scratch ( is a visual programming tool developed by MIT that simplifies programming into blocks of code and teaches programming basics to beginners through the construction of creative games. By targeting 4th-6th graders through the Scratch in Schools program, we hope students can be introduced to coding and be engaged in it from an early age in order to capture their interest and build a strong foundation for future programming endeavors.